Upload leads

It’s easy!  Upload your leads here and we will drop them in the Lead Squeezer CRM.  Keep an eye out for emails and phone calls that you will get from your leads.  You don’t want to miss an opportunity.

Super easy!  No technical skills, no mapping, nothing to figure out. Just complete the form below and then attach your prospect file.

No spammers! Being an effective marketer means that you have permission to contact people regarding the services they inquired about.  Don’t submit a contact list if you do not have permission to contact them.  We follow anti-spam policies and procedures to make our service a quality service for all.

Once you upload it can up to 24 hours to process and the emails sent out.  On every file that is uploaded, we run it through our magic email validation tool to make sure your emails are deliverable.  This produces higher-quality results for you and helps your email address from getting blacklisted.

Acceptable file formats are a CSV file, Excel spreadsheet, or Google sheet.