Medicare Campaign

The Medicare Campaign is a lead nurturing follow up campaign to convert more prospects and increase your sales from your leads.   Each campaign is professionally written and designed specifically for the Medicare market with a natural yet compelling message that speaks to your target audience and makes you look awesome!

Medicare Facebook Leads

Email Campaign & Facebook Leads

Best Exclusive Medicare leads on the market.

Our leads target real prospects who are actively searching for Medicare insurance. English or Spanish, and 50-mile radius or Statewide to meet your needs.
  • 100% Exclusive for your targeted area. Not shared with another agent
  • Receive REAL-TIME on Google sheet for easy lead management.
  • Real-Time TEXT notification as leads come in to contact immediately.

Email Campaign

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Squeeze more Medicare business from your leads and prospects.

The Medicare Campaign includes approximately 45 emails that drips over a 100 day time period. The emails are designed and written to educate your prospect on Medicare while demonstrating that you have the knowledge and resources to assist them in gaining clarity to the complexities of Medicare.

The campaign is certain to build trust with your Medicare prospects with the valuable factual content that is updated for 2021. The email content can be modified to add our additional content as well as additional custom emails from you to personalize the campaign.

Each email contains your photo, logo, and contact information to make it easy for your prospect to reach out to you.

Social Media

Final Expense Email Campaign & Facebook Leads

Get more referrals and marketing exposure with social media

The Medicare Social Media campaign includes a variety of Medicare social media image posts ready-to-go.  When you sign up for our social media plan we’ll post our content to our Facebook and / or Instagram page on your behalf allowing you to focus on writing more business.

68% of Adults on Facebook

Forget about all the hype and statistics.  There is One reason you need to be engaged in Social Media and have an active social media campaign.

78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who are not.

Social Selling is not going away.  Whether you like Facebook or not the fact is social media has become a big part of our everyday life. Roughly two-thirds of U.S. adults (68%) now report that they are Facebook users.

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With the Lead Squeezers campaigns, we do everything for you. There are no emails to write, no social media posts to create, no technical things to figure out. Subscribe & Go!

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