Marketing Tools for Agents to Squeeze More Business

Powerful leads and automated email drip & social media campaigns designed to Squeeze more deals from your leads and keep more business on the books.

We keep you in front and top of mind!  

If you are not in front of your leads and customers – another agent is.  

Awesome Facebook leads

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Automated Email Follow Up Campaigns

Powerful email drip and social media campaigns to Squeeze more deals from your leads and help keep your business on the books. Each campaign is professionally written and designed specifically for the market you choose with a natural compelling message that speaks to your target audience, keeps you top of mind and makes you look good!

Increase your ROI on leads with over 200 email and social media messages designed specifically for Final Expense & Mortgage Protection!

Final Expense

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Get more Final Expense business and protect more clients with our powerful email and social media campaigns.  Three powerful campaigns to Squeeze more business and increase your sales.

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Mortgage Protection

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Mortgage Protection email and social media campaigns convert more prospects and increase your referral business. Be different and separate yourself from the other mortgage protection agents by looking professional with a solid follow up campaign.

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Social Media Campaign

Add Social Media to your marketing and get more business by being recognized in your community as the expert leader.  Our social media includes powerful images & messages that capture attention and make an emotional connection with your audience on social media.  Includes over 100 social media posts. Super easy – we do everything for you so you can stay focused writing business.  We post to your Facebook business page on your behalf multiple times a week.  

Select the Top Producer or Ultimate package below that includes Email & Social media for the best results with your marketing efforts.  The automated social media campaign is available as a stand-alone product. 

Why Our Campaigns Work

Our model was developed based on high performing marketing strategies that use consumer buying behavior patterns to increase sales.  We are in a digital era and consumers today are a more educated buyer given the online resources available.

The Top Producer today must engage all marketing resources available to stay ahead of the competition and remain top of mind with prospects and clients to get and keep as much business as possible.

Follow Up

Most sales professionals don’t follow up enough times on a lead and miss out on over 50% of sales opportunities.  It’s the reason other agents get business from calling on aged leads.

Check out these consumer buying behavior statistics!
  • 25% of your sales leads are ready to buy when they inquire
  • 20% of sales are made on first contact
  • 50% of people who request info won’t make a buying decision for 3 to 4 months
  • 20% – 35% of sales are made between 2nd and 4th contact
  • 50% – 70% are made after 5th to 10th contact

We Make it Easy & Simple

Effective marketing requires technical and creative skills which is time-consuming for many sales professionals to put together an effective follow-up campaign and the reason it never happens.

Lead Squeezeers is designed to provide agents with a true Turnkey follow up email marketing solution.

  • Look like a pro!
  • Easy to get started
  • No emails to write
  • No time consuming setup
  • No technical things to figure out
  • No additional email service to subscribe to

Just add your list of prospects to a Lead Squeezer campaign and let the system do the work.

The Magic is in the Drip!

Email & Social media marketing drip campaigns are extremely effective in keeping you top of mind with your prospects and customers.

You may have heard that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.  Email & Social media marketing campaigns allow you to educate your prospects and build the trust factor providing you with a huge advantage over your competition.

When your prospect is ready who are they going to call? The sales agent they don’t know or the one they do know that is consistent and persistent about following up?

What Agents Are Saying...

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With the Lead Squeezers campaigns, we do everything for you. We are like our marketing assistant.

There are no emails to write, no social media posts to create, no technical things to figure out.

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You work hard as an agent, let us help you Squeeze more business from your leads, prospects, and customers to increase your sales and profits. Let’s get started now!