Best Exclusive Retirement Leads on the market.

Our leads target real prospects who are actively searching for assistance with retirement. These are prospects who have questions on rollovers, starting to save for retirement and want to know best options, how to maximize retirement or getting ready to retire, and want to know when they can take distributions or protect their retirement nest egg.  We target public employees who are currently employed universities, public and private schools.  State or multistate area only. 

  • 100% Exclusive for your targeted area. Not shared with another agent.
  • These are appointments that show up on your calendar and the prospect.
  • Prospects are sent appointment reminders. 

Pricing – See order form below

$99.00 per Appointment.  Discounts are available for a longer-term commitment.  

Great for Annuities & IUL's.

Opps Not Found

Includes Appointment Mentoring & Training to ensure are prepared to close these high intent appointments properly.


  • Out of state
  • Duplicate lead
  • Disconnected or bad phone number
  • We only offer exchanges within 48 hours of receiving the lead

Our leads are within compliance standards. Once your order is submitted we start working on your lead campaign and your ads are live within 12-24 hours.

We pride ourselves with excellent customer service, premium leads, fast setup, quick turnaround and excellent prices to provide you with low-cost acquisitions. Contact us 7 days a week including all major holidays.

Exclusive Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection Leads
Exclusive Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection Leads | Lead Squeezers

Premium Areas

Currently, we do not have any locked out areas but the following areas do have a premium.  Check with us first for pricing for that area and availability before placing an order in these areas.  Due to current activities, certain areas will take longer to fill your order.

All leads will be delivered directly to the email address you provide. Lead exchanges are available for non-working telephone numbers. All lead exchanges must be made within 48 hours of receiving the lead. We verify all lead contact on all exchanges. Lead exchanges will not be offered after 48 hours from receiving the lead. 

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