Agents calling on aged leads and list are at risk of fines by violating the DNC laws.  Minimize your risk by scrubbing your list prior to dialing and know for marketing purposes if you are dialing a landline or mobile phone.
DNC list scrubbing services that include the following.
Rate: .05 per contact. The minimum is 500 contacts.  Bulk rates available.

Only checking the National Do Not Call list is a good start – but there are 3 do not call lists in the United States that a phone number can be registered to. Calling a number that is registered on ANY of the three lists is a violation.

Checking for known litigators is the best way to mitigate your risk of a TCPA lawsuit. The same serial plaintiffs bring approximately ⅓ of all TCPA lawsuits. Identifying the repeat litigators is the smartest preventative measure companies can make to reduce their exposure to TCPA related risk.
DNC Plus service provides:
  • Connected/Disconnected
  • Federal DNC list
  • State DNC lists
  • Direct Marketing Association DNC list (they manage DNC for several States)
  • Mobile/Landline and Carrier information
  • Known Litigator information

To utilize DNC services, you are required to have your own Subscription Account Number (SAN). You can obtain a SAN at donotcall.gov