Final Expense Campaign

The Final Expense Campaign includes three powerful drip campaigns to Squeeze more deals from your leads and to help keep your business on the books. Each campaign is professionally written and designed specifically for the Final Expense market with a natural yet compelling message that speaks to your target audience and makes you look awesome!

Facebook & Internet Leads

Final Expense Email Campaign & Facebook Leads

Squeeze more from your Final Expense Facebook or Internet leads.

Want to squeeze more business from your Facebook or Internet leads that are difficult to get a hold of? You have tried calling and texting multiple times, and maybe even attempted door knocking. This lead campaign includes over 35 emails designed to keep your name top of mind, educate them on the importance, and nudge your prospect to take action. Remember they were interested at some point which is why they provided you their info. Maybe they just weren’t ready to buy yet as consumer buying behavior research tells us that over 50% are not ready to buy when they inquire. Don’t forget about them! Add them to a Lead Squeezer campaign and go about your business. You will convert more of your leads over time increasing your ROI and profitability.

Let Me Think About It

Final Expense Campaign, Leads Generation & CRM System

Get more business from those that say “Let me think about it.”

Designed for those prospects you meet with and are not successful at closing on the 1st sale and they tell you “Let me think about it.” Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet! Add them to a Lead Squeezer campaign and let it go to work on your behalf. Rember sales statistics tell us that 20% – 25% of prospects are ready to buy when they inquire and 50% are not ready for 3 to 4 months. Sometimes they are not ready. Let them bake a little longer. The emails have a compelling message with a call to actions designed to reinforce the importance of final expense life insurance for their loved ones while keeping you as the agent top of mind. They won’t forget about you and when they are ready they are much more likely to contact you since they now feel like they have a professional relationship with you.

Customer Retention

Email Campaign & Facebook Leads

Keep more business on the books.

Many agents after they write an application and submit, the client never hears from them again. Consumer sales statics tell us that 71% of lost business is due to poor customer service and follow up. It’s no surprise why agents struggle with losing business and get chargebacks. This email campaign is designed specifically for final expense to follow up with the customer in a professional manner. The campaign is a series of emails designed to provide status updates, stories to help reinforce the importance of life insurance and making the monthly premium payment. Also included in the series are emails designed to encourage referral business for you. In the client’s eye you look like a pro with your awesome follow-up!
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Select your Final Expense & Mortgage Protection package below

Select your Final Expense & Mortgage Protection package below

With the Lead Squeezers campaigns we do everyting for you. There are no emails to write, no social media post to create, no technical things to figure out. Subscribe & Go!

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