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Best Exclusive General Life / MP Facebook leads on the market.

Increase your sales and annual premium with our life leads that target ages 30 to 65. Great leads for Term and IUL products.

Our leads target real prospects who are actively searching for life insurance. We use a long-form lead collection with a high conversion. Our ads target people who are actively seeking life coverage for general life for mortgage protection, newly married, new baby, and looking to protect their family with life insurance. Our ad mentions “protect your family and home”.  This is general life lead and many of them are homeowners allowing you to pivot to Mortgage Protection solutions.  

We target age 30 to 65, English or Spanish, and 50-mile radius or Statewide to meet your needs.

  • 100% Exclusive for your targeted area. Not shared with another agent
  • Receive REAL-TIME on Google sheet for easy lead management.
  • Real-Time TEXT notification as leads come in to contact immediately.
  • Includes Zipcode to load into Road Warrior or map routing app for door knocking
  • Automatically added to your Lead Squeezers email campaign.

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This agent booked 6 APPOINTMENTS from 8 people who answered in less than 90 minutes.  

When you get our leads you get 11 points of information which is important to get more business.

  • Secret question (favorite color, hobby, vacation, candy)
  • Coverage amount requested
  • Beneficiary
  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone number
  • Age/Date of birth
Best replacement policy of any lead vendor

No Hassle Replacements.  

  • Outside of a 60-mile radius
  • Out of state
  • Duplicate lead
  • Disconnected or bad phone number
  • We only offer exchanges within 48 hours of receiving the lead

Our leads are within compliance standards. Once your order is submitted we start working on your lead campaign and your ads are live within 12-24 hours.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, premium leads, fast setup, quick turnaround, and excellent prices to provide you with low-cost acquisitions. Contact us 7 days a week including all major holidays.

All leads will be delivered directly to the email address you provide. Lead exchanges are available for non-working telephone numbers, out of territory (60+ miles) and over the age of 70. All lead exchanges must be made within 48 hours of receiving the lead. We verify all lead contact on all exchanges. Lead exchanges will not be offered after 48 hours from receiving the lead. All territory is set to 25-50 miles. Smaller demographic areas or saturated areas may result in leads coming in slower. We set our advertising target based on your geographical target area to a range of 25-50 miles. Facebook is not 100% accurate with ranges therefore a Lead will only be replaced if it is over 60 miles.

We only offer exchanges for individual leads per our website policy. All ads and campaigns will be “live” within 24-48 hours of placing your order. All ads are within compliance standards. We provide quality leads and excellent customer service.

Premium Areas

Currently, we do not have any locked out areas but the following areas do have a premium.  Check with us first for pricing for that area and availability before placing an order in these areas.  Due to current activities, certain areas will take longer to fill your order.

  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina