Following these steps to get started with setting up your Lead Squeezers CRM.  
If you need support please reach out to us or schedule a set up call.

Welcome to Lead Squeezers

Sales Statistics Have Found That By Using A CRM System It Can Improve Your Sales Conversion Ratio By 300%. 

We are not a CRM company! We are a marketing agency that brings you the latest digital tools to help you increase your sales.  Our CRM is not just any CRM system.  It is fully-loaded with all the whistles and bells. More importantly, I teach you how to use it so you can increase your sales significantly.  In addition, we will help you load your contacts and get you set up so you are up and running even if you are no the techy type person.

Logging in for the First Time.

You will receive an email and a text message with a link to login to the CRM. It will look like this below.

Here’s how to get support  

1. Join our Facebook user group:

2. Chat with us on home page.

3. Schedule a support call by visting and under Account Services click on link Schedule Support. 

4. Visit our FAQ’s

Understanding the Value of Consumer Buying Behavior. 

Most sales professionals don’t follow up enough times on a lead and miss out on over 50% of sales opportunities. It’s the reason other agents get business from calling on aged leads.

Check out these consumer buying behavior statistics!

25% of your sales leads are ready to buy when they inquire.
20% of sales are made on first contact.
50% of people who request info won’t make a buying decision for 3 to 4 months.
20% – 35% of sales are made between 2nd and 4th contact.
50% – 70% are made after 5th to 10th contact.