Check out what other agents are saying about Lead Squeezers.

Felicia Pouncil

I am extremely pleased with the Lead Squeezers service. It has allowed me to have a greater presence on social media and has lead to me gaining new clients. I also love the fact that Mike Brenhaug gives his lead squeezers subscribers exclusive free training. His sales strategies have helped me increase my sales tremendously. I would encourage anyone in the industry to take advantage of this awesome service. 

Kathy Kissner

It’s an investment you that will allow you to do what you like to run your business. It’s a system that work for you. I want to spend more time calling leads, writing business and educating myself and others. While I’m do “work” the sales funnel is working for me. I also used the service to set up my business Facebook page and post content for me as well.
Money well spent!

Moraima Mariscal

880 AP A lead from June 2019 that called me last Friday to book an appointment after getting blasted with emails from #leadsqueezers 🙌

Evelyn Juarez

Yes! we sold that client June 2019 and thanks to the Lead Squeezers emails he added to his existing coverage and finally got his wife covered 🙌🙏

John Bacaron

I got set up with #leadsqueezers through Mike Brenhaug 2 weeks ago and it’s already paying off! Client called Friday to book an appointment for today and it was a slam dunk $1373 AP!

Jaime Avery

I LOVE it!! 🙂 Thank you!

David Min

This service has already paid for itself. Love it!

Yolla Alsabagh

I love this company and the service is impeccable! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to stay in touch with leads and customers alike. I don’t have to worry about content and just focus on taking care of helping people with coverage. Thank you Lead Squeezers!!!

Alondra Topete

Lead Squeezers does it again for me! Not only do they email your leads you can’t get a hold of, they email your CURRENT clients weekly to keep them in the loop! I got this email today from a current client! SO AWESOME!!

Robin Bales

🤯Anybody have a drip campaign that keeps their prospects warm and toasty while keeping current clients peachy keen on you??? If ya don’t ya should. 💁‍♀️

Al Vom Steeg

Just set an appointment for tomorrow off that new drip campaign! Boom! Lady said both me and my husband want Final Expense Insurance.

Jason Tomita

I’m on a recurring order of Facebook leads and I always have some leads I’m not able to get a hold of. Now with Lead Squeezers I just upload and go. I drop my “let me think about it” and new clients into Lead Squeezers also. Super easy, the email messages are awesome and look great. Worth every penny and highly recommend it!

Andrew Brenhaug

I had a handful of Facebook leads I could never get a hold of. I set them up with Lead Squeezers email campaign. The very next day I had one of them email me wanting to meet.

Wes Obana

Lead squeezers does it all. All I have to do is load my contacts into the system and the emails automatic flow. Load your contacts, set it, and forget it. Genius idea!