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You will receive a series of sample emails so you can see how the emails look with your contact information.

Once you are a Lead Squeezers subscriber, it really is this easy to send a professional follow up email campaign to your Facebook leads, your “let me think about it” prospects, and clients you wrote a policy on.

To add more than one lead at a time you upload your bulk lead list and we add them to your email follow up campaign for you.  We do the heavy lifting for you.

The first email you receive will have you verify your email address.  Make sure to go to your inbox and find the email from Lead Squeezers and click confirm.

Contact Instant Add app

Check out the Lead Squeezers Instant Add web form.  When you become a Lead Squeezers subscriber you get a custom “Contact Instant Add” that allows you to add leads, prospects, and customers to your drip campaign in a snap.

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