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You can contact support anytime by sending us a message with your questions or help.

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You can start, stop, and move, a single contact or a group of contacts from campaigns.  We recommend watching our videos on campaigns or reach out to us to set up custom triggers for you.

There are two ways to add contacts to your drip campaign.

  1. Bulk upload.  You upload your contacts here with this link and we will add them to your campaign contact list.
  2. Add a contact via the CRM.

Watch the videos on how to upload.

To change your email signature info simply complete the Email Signature form and we’ll take care of it for you.  Change Email Signature

If you forget your password you can request a new password by clicking on “forgot password” at the log in screen.


If you would like to change your password visit your Account Page and then select Profile.  Within our account profile you can update your password.

We are sorry to see you go.  To cancel your monthly subscription send customer support a message canceling your service.  Upon canceling your service we will deactivate your account and your contacts and access will be removed.  We do not maintain a backup of your data.

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We utilize multiple email server platforms to deliver your emails to your contacts. The providers we use are professional-level email service providers.

Email deliverability is important which is why we use only professional level providers.  Email service providers that offer a free level of service tend to attract a lot of bad emailers which can affect your email reputation and have your emails land in the spam box.

We make every effort possible to make sure your email lands in the inbox and not the spam box.

Our entire system has been developed to have the highest deliverability rate.  There are many things to take into consideration when developing an email marketing campaign.

We don’t allow our users to upload junk email list as we take careful measures to maintain a high email reputation with opt-in data only.

We are careful to not use words that are known to be spam triggers and many of our emails are most text.  Emails with images are more likely to get picked up and flagged which can land in the spam box.

Every time you upload your opt-in contact list we run the list through our system to make sure the contact emails are deliverable.  This helps us maintain a good email deliverability reputation.

All of the emails that we have professionally written have been run through a spam filter test to ensure the highest deliverability. 

Apache SpamAssassin is the #1 Open Source anti-spam platform giving system.

It uses a robust scoring framework and plug-ins to integrate a wide range of advanced heuristic and statistical analysis tests on email headers and body text including text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases.

All of the Lead Squeezer emails are less than a 5 which is Good to send.  We strive to maintain our content between 1.5 to 3 on the scale.


We make every effort possible to make sure your email lands in the inbox and not the spam box.

Every time you upload your opt-in contact list we run the list through our system to make sure the contact emails are deliverable.  This helps us maintain a good email deliverability reputation.

Occasionally, we will send you a scrubbed file results report on a file that was recently processed.  See the sample below. The average file we receive is 92% valid emails.  This will vary depending on the lead source and the age of your data.

Here are additional details on what we scrub and flag.  We maintain a very high deliverability to continue to deliver great results for our subscribers. We’ll typically send you a report when we see anything below 90% to give you a heads up.

Results: the following are definitions of the occasional report we’ll send you when necessary.  

Valid Emails
It means that these emails are correct and you can send emails to these addresses. They are ready to accept any incoming email. Happy days!

Invalid Emails
It means that the emails you provided are not responsive. Therefore, emailing them is not recommended as it may result in a hard bounce. And we don’t want you to face that!

Domain invalid
It means that the email addresses in this category have an invalid domain; for instance, Could be spelled as or So, these addresses are incorrect, and sending them an email will result in a hard bounce. Definitely not recommended!

Role-Based Accounts
In this category, the emails separate due to the nature of the email. Role-based emails link to a specific department or group of people; Such as sales, support, care, etc. So, sending emails to them is OK, but most of the time they have auto-replies. Be aware!

Disposable Emails
Disposable emails are temporary email accounts. Various websites offer emails that expire in 20 to 30 minutes. So, sending emails to these accounts will result in a bounce back. Don’t waste your time emailing them!

Spam emails link to junk mail, or their domains are greylisted. Sending emails to them is not a good idea. Do not proceed!

Catchall Emails
A catchall email is an email account that collects all the mail sent to a domain name. Any misspelled email sent to recipients at your domain will be “caught” by catchall email. Suppose an email addressed to is sent to; the email will end up in the catchall account and will not get bounced back. It will get delivered on the domain. Note – We do not recommend sending emails to catchall accounts, if you have been sending and communicating in the past, only then you should send emails to them.

Each campaign is design with the right number of emails to do its job.

A prospect lead campaign will have several more emails in a shorter period of time to capture the attention and get your name top of mind while they are thinking about life insurance.  After 30 days if they have not taken action we scale back the number of emails to maintain and educate the contact and keep you top of mind.

The customer retention campaign is designed to anchor the business you wrote and encourage referrals.  The email schedule is designed to deliver the right message at the right time.  For example, after you wrote a policy the first email the client will receive is a thank you email.

All of your prospects and customers will receive the holiday message and birthday emails.  This alone is extremely powerful as less than 10% of life insurance agents do this consistently.

To update your credit card billing click here to a secure credit card authorization form.

Note: You will need to log in to your Lead Squeezers account to view and update this form.

Update Credit Card Billing

Here are the current communication fees.

  • SMS: 0.010000 per message segment
  • MMS: 0.030000 per message segment
  • Ringless Voicemail: 0.060000
  • EMAIL: 0.000000
  • Cost Per Virtual Number per month: 1.000000
  • Cost Per Minute For Phone Calls: 0.013000
  • Cost Per Minute Call Record: 0.003000