Put your follow-up on AUTO PILOT and never let a lead slip through the cracks again!


Lead Squeezers combines your favorite marketing tools inside one easy-to-use platform!

Lead Management

Connect Your Lead Sources In order for a business to be successful, you need leads AND a system to convert those into clients. Due to our open API and direct integrations with Facebook & Zapier it’s easy to connect your lead sources directly to our platform. You can also upload a list directly to our platform.

Lead Distribution

Once the leads hit our platform you can automatically assign them to the correct person in your organization.

Lead Nurturing

In order to maximize sales conversions, you need to have multiple “touchpoints” or contacts throughout the sales cycle. Our drip campaigns automate this process and make follow-up a breeze!

Fully Automated Outreach

Lead Squeezers allows you to connect with your leads using a variety of communication channels.

Pre-Built, Customizable Campaigns

We have pre-built campaigns that you can start using day 1 to engage with your prospects. Don’t waste time honing your copywriting skills…we’ve got you covered!

Watch Sales Skyrocket

Our deals and workflow management tools will keep you organized and efficient.

Click & Drag Sales Pipeline

Organize your entire sales pipeline using our click and drag sales pipeline. At a glance you’ll be able to see what stage of your funnel each prospect is in.

All The Tools You Need

Lead Squeezers can easily replace several other tools you already use and pay for in your office. Our 1 system does it all.

Mobile app – Apple & Android

  • Have access to all your contacts in the field.
  • Make dials from the mobile CRM with your virtual number.
  • Text and email from your app on the go.