Coaching & Training Services

As an independent agent, one of the most important keys to success is having the proper training and support.  Accelerate your learning, increase your knowledge, increase your sales and become a successful independent agent regardless of what IMO you are with.  Take learning into your own hands!


Taking your business to the next level

  • Field underwriting
  • How to know what to write in the home.
  • How to get unstuck
  • How to build confidence
  • How to build a winning mindset
  • How to overcome the fear of calling
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals
  • How to increase your focus on the right things to get greater results
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable to move forward
  • How to schedule your week to maximize your time
  • Creating a work-life balance to avoid burnout
  • How to structure and manage your business to be profitable (taxes, bookkeeping)

Getting your business off the ground and what to expect once contracted.

This coaching program is conducted by Coach Marcie Lesnick.

  • Where your focus needs to be mentally
  • How to push through the doubt
  • Baby steps process to guide you to success
  • Calling leads and sticking to a dialing schedule
  • How to avoid selling a client vs helping them get coverage
  • Chargebacks happen no matter what, but you can avoid some
  • The only person you’re competing with is YOU
  • Find your own style while learning from top producers
  • Walking the tightrope without falling
  • Outline a personal development plan right off from the start
  • Create a vision board to visualize
  • Write down questions as they come up


Mike Brenhaug

Prior to the life insurance business, I was a full-time professional business coach working with entrepreneurs and sales professionals to help them take their business to the next level. During this time, I have coached many insurance agents, which is where I learned about how great the life insurance business is. After coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs and sales professionals in various businesses I can tell you the life insurance business is one of the best businesses in the world.

I operate an agency with a team of agents and the creator of Lead Squeezers. In addition, I continue to provide coaching and training for individuals and teams in the insurance field and other industries as well.

Entrepreneurs and agents engage my coaching services to take their business to the next level. If you feel like you have reached a wall and your business is not growing at the level you desire then let’s explore why with one-on-one coaching and get you unstuck and focused on the right path forward.

My book “WTF – Transform what appears negative into a positive to become unstoppable” is a very popular business book for entrepreneurs and sales professionals with a powerful solution on how to change your mindset to achieve the success you desire.

I work with many agents that are contracted with various IMO’s. There is no need to move your contracts to work with me. I will provide you with non-biased and candid feedback while working with you to develop a growth strategy for your business while continuing to work with your current IMO. In addition, I can share other sales strategies that are used by other agencies to help you dial in the ideal sales approach based on your personality, experience, and geographic location.

Marcie Lesnick

Since 2005, I have been an Empowerment Life Coach helping clients remove all the blocks preventing them from being the best version of themselves. I like to compare it to weeding your garden and allow it to grow and flourish. Personally, my life has had many roadblocks, but I have pushed through to the other side repeatedly, so I get it.

I have been working as an insurance agent with one of the top IMO’s since 2016. Helping agents grow is one of the most rewarding parts of being in this industry. We need people to believe in us even when we do not. My mentors pushed me to overcome my struggles and most importantly change my mindset.

I understand the struggles agents go through and how we get in our own way from reaching our goals. It is the starting and stopping that gets in the way. It is through our struggles that we grow and learn to put fear aside and stay focused on our goals. Surround yourself with people who can help you get to being a top producer. But remember, the only person you should be competing with is yourself and finding what works for you.

We are all independent agents working for ourselves regardless of which company you’re partnered with. You are not on an island all alone unless you drove the boat there. It is about changing your mindset and I am here to help.